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VSA Calculator

Use this calculator to acquire an estimate on the monthly cost of the VSA support offerings for your organisation. Simply enter the number of each device within your office\s, the complete license coverage for Software Assurance

Support essentials for all organisations of any size:

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly maintenance
  • Remote and Onsite Support no charge 24×7 on SLA
  • Obtain a team of experts without the costs of staff
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Looking to supplement your current in-house IT expertise
  • Scalable to your organisations size

Just enter the relevant count numbers and see how much you can save!

Devices Quantity
Servers 30 0
Desktops 25 0
Office locations 50 0
Network Attached Devices 10 0
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) 2 0

Our VSA Membership Packages are scalable to your business. With memberships starting at $50 per month any sized organisation can benefit from having a VSA Membership. In most cases we are finding we are saving organisations up to 50% and some times up to 75% in monthly IT costs.


While calculated prices may be indicative of the membership costs they may still be affected by the factors like:

  • All calculated VSA Membership prices are estimates only and will require a site audit to determine final membership costs.
  • Unusual support hours, demanding SLA’s, complex application environments
  • Age and state of existing infrastructure
  • Age and performance of your WAN and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Distance relative to office \ site office from each Australian capital city GPO being regional or other

In all cases, VSA Membership packages are confirmed via a no-charge obligation free audit of your IT infrastructure.

Therefore what are you waiting for?

Find out how much NETCorp can save you today and call (08) 6188 5900 or Email us.