Onsite PC Technician-Consultant

Posted 4 years ago

NETCorp IT Solutions is looking for an Onsite PC TechnicianConsultant to act as the forefront representative for technical services to the customer and to recommend preventative actions, maintenance options, and upgrade possibilities to the client as necessary.



  • Practical knowledge of internal components of workstations and servers to include motherboards, ram, hard drives, video, sound, I/O, optical drives, ports and cooling systems
  • Practical knowledge of accessories including keyboards, pointing devices, scanners, printers, networking devices, routers, wireless devices, security devices and gaming devices
  • Practical knowledge of stress limitations, heating and cooling limitations, over clocking limitations and networking limitations
  • Practical knowledge of assembly, disassembly and maintenance of all hardware


  • Practical knowledge of all currently available Windows operating systems to include installation, recovery, setup and updating of all current
  • Practical knowledge of all anti-viral, security and firewall technologies including installation, setup, recovery and updating.
  • Practical knowledge of most major software suites for office use including Microsoft Office, Office 365 to include installation, setup, recovery and
  • Practical knowledge of all internet browsing, e-mail and communications software to include Internet Explorer, Outlook, Firefox, Mozilla
  • Reasonable knowledge of server applications such as Active Directory, Exchange, MS Server 2000/2003/2008/2011.


  • Trouble shooting skills in operating systems vs. hardware components
  • Trouble shooting skills in spyware, anti-viral removal and spam control
  • Trouble shooting skills in Windows OS installation and reinstallation
  • Trouble shooting skills in failed hardware identification


The onsite PC technician is the forefront of representation for technical services to the customer. The technician needs to be able to communicate clearly the methods of operation that are required as well as successfully implement them. In most cases, the ideal scenario involves providing the solution onsite without removing the equipment from the customer premises, however in some cases, the equipment may be brought to our facility in order to execute repairs.

An onsite PC technician should be capable to execute all aspects of repair, maintenance and security to include everything from physical cleaning of components, to detailed software diagnosis.

The technician’s duties also include physical networking functions such as running networking cables between computer stations, servers, switches etc for the purposes of networking computers together. This requires mechanical knowledge of wiring schema, tools, and layouts with regards to how wires are run in ceilings, walls and fixtures. Basic understanding of telecom and security wiring and schema is recommended.

The consulting portion of the job includes being able to recommend preventative actions, maintenance options, and upgrade possibilities to the client as necessary. The knowledge of the current market for hardware and software plays a key role in developing the ability to recommend the correct equipment for future use. This ability comes with the immersion that the technician has on a day to day basis with actual client scenarios.

Specific technical duties defined per incident include:

  • Analysis and Investigation of problems
  • Repair, substitution or replacement of faulty hardware as necessary
  • Repair, installation, reinstallation or reprogram of software as necessary
  • Testing and error checking of solutions
  • Backup of data as necessary in order to restore functionality
  • Provide recommendations as necessary for the general health of the equipment
  • Provide technical documentation and/or materials upon request or as necessary
  • Follow-up with Customer after the solution has been implemented

Non Specific technical duties:

  • May include running networking and telecom wires including ceilings and wall runs. Also may require working with telecom technicians in order to facilitate networking
  • May include installing physical equipment (i.e. networking patch panels, or racks or rack enclosures or hub stations) on, under or above workstations, server rooms and/or specifically designed
  • A mechanical knowledge of tools for drywall and construction is

Specific Non-technical duties include:

  • Transportation of equipment (including pickup and drop off to 3rd parties if necessary)
  • Full 5 step reporting for all incidents (internal database driven)
  • Confirmation and Follow-up calls to clients as necessary
  • Must be able to carry and lift including but not limited to toolboxes, packaged computers and equipment such as monitors, display panels or small TV’s, laptops, servers or UPS units but no more than 25KG per


  • Must have a vehicle with valid business use insurance
  • Must have clean Driver’s license
  • Must be presentable
  • Must have excellent English communication skills in both written and verbal forms
  • Must be willing to work non standard business hours including in some cases late evenings and/or weekend and/or
  • Must conform to uniform standards at all

Overall, the onsite PC technician is unlike a bench technician in that an onsite technician must be able to adapt, address all aspects of the computing environment they are walking into, and must be mobile to either transport or relocate equipment as necessary. A valuable onsite PC Technician has the ability to communicate with the customer the methods to be used, the solutions to be provided and then uses the resources available to them to execute  the process.



Job Features

Job CategorySales
SalaryAUD 45,000 + Super
Career Level RequiredExperienced (Non-Manager)
Expirience Required2+ Years
Education RequiredDiploma / Advanced Diploma
Job TypePermanent
Job StatusFull Time

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