The IT department’s role is critical and strategic in adapting to new trends while maintaining control of costs and delivering a robust environment to the business. It is essential that all the IT assets within your ecosystem, whether in-store or on your back end, are tracked, monitored and managed, in a seamless and frictionless manner.

The Technology Challenge Within Retail
The Complete IT Systems Management Solution for Retail

Investing in a highly scalable pro-active IT asset management system will be vital for leveraging your existing IT equipment while preparing for the inclusion of new devices and solutions.

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Leverage Your Retail IT Infrastructure

In today’s retail landscape, the smart use of technology has become one of the most powerful ways to deliver stronger services to your customers and adapt to the changing way in which they buy.

Proactively managing an IT environment that is often distributed geographically creates some unique challenges:

Real-time central overview of IT assets and their performance is often not available
Many issues are detected and solved reactively, affecting business continuity
Devices may be out of the Active Directory
Difficult to provide IT management and incident resolution centrally
Difficult to provide real-time information and reports to the store
Large amount of “open” trouble tickets
Many recurring tasks, are conducted manually and often reactively
Improve Now While Preparing for the Future
Ensure 100% availability and continuity of all IT assets and processes throughout your ecosystem: POS, peripherals, tablets, kiosks, etc.
Establish consistent adhesion to IT asset configuration universally
Pro-actively be alerted in the event of malfunctioning or broken assets
Warrant and confirm performance related to Store Service Levels
Protect against malware or security attacks on devices
Monitor geographically distributed stores and diverse domains
Assure that future devices or operating systems will fit easily into your existing structure
The VSA Solution

NETCorp’s VSA Managed Solutions is a leading provider in IT Systems Management that empowers everyone. With NETCorp’s VSA Managed Services, you can do more with less staff, less budget and less hassle than ever before. All within an integrated Virtual System Administrator platform. NETCorp’s VSA IT Systems Management solution provides retailers the ability to have pro-active monitoring and management of their IT environments; anywhere, anytime, whether in or out of a domain.

POS and peripherals
Software and process through log parsing
Backup Applications and Servers
Mobile devices, tablets, scanners and kiosks
Desktop migration
Incident remediating
Recurring tasks such as patching, updates, software deployment
IT Audit and Inventory
Policy Management
Information Management
Automated and customisable reports
Alert store managers quickly and efficiently
Real-time management information
Flag anti-malware, anti-virus and end-point security


VSA for Financial Institutions

NETCorp’s VSA helps to provide best-in-class compliance and automation processes for financial institutions.

Financial Institutions want to use technology to work smarter, better and faster – all the while dealing with pressure for enhanced regulatory and security policies. Automated IT systems management is helping to achieve those goals in a seamless, efficient manner.

Maximize staff’s time, productivity, and valuable resources
Manage all of your systems from a location
Significantly minimize system downtime and operational expenses
Centralized executive reporting and documentation for effortless audits
Technology designed exclusively for institutions with a core focus on regulatory compliance
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IT Systems Management for the Compliance Focused

Software Features Service Features
Discovery, audit and inventory Quarterly self assessments
Directory services Critical application patching
Mobile device management Compliance-focused reports
ITIL-compliant service desk Audit and inventory management
Desktop policy management Patch process management
OS migration Monitoring and alert management
Endpoint and network monitoring Merchant capture monitoring and reporting
Imaging, deployment and migration Pre and post audit/exam questionnaire support
Much more FFIEC recommended scheduled maintenance


With pending reforms and industry change, isn’t it time for an IT Healthcare checkup for your organization?

Is Your IT Environment Truly Healthy?
As a Healthcare IT Professional, you bear the responsibility for ensuring that IT assets are secure, protected and always available. Up-to-date and uninterrupted access to the healthcare systems IT resources, as well as financial considerations and reduction of downtime is imperative to your overall business objectives.

Every year, the demand on your IT department increases. How will you respond to change with limited resources and shrinking budgets? Patients, medical staff and administrators depend on you to deliver IT services across multiple locations. How will you do it all AND be innovative at the same time?

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Do More with Less
Eliminate the daily trauma from your IT service delivery
Automate your daily IT tasks and manage machines in multiple locations
Efficiently manage hundreds of systems through one interface, saving time, hassle, money and resources
Increase the overall security of your IT environment
Minimise the challenges of maintaining AMA compliance by automating IT tasks