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Backup critical files, folders, Exchange, SQL using our client- and server-side deduplicated backup software.


Arguably one of the most important features inside NETCorps Cloud Backups is FilePlus – free backup software for small business clients. FilePlus performs block-level backups of Files, Folders, Exchange & SQL databases.

Our software is designed for the Australian SMB market and as such it runs fast on Australian ADSL connections. The block level changes on the client side are compared to the existing backup database, brand new data is identified, compressed, deduplicated and encrypted prior to transmission.

FilePlus is really suited towards smaller backup sizes or as a complimentary solution to your image-based server backups. For example you could backup your clients servers with ShadowProtect or Veeam, then run FilePlus on their laptops as they may not be always worked off the server. This way everything gets backed up in the most suitable way and you just charge your client for the combined amount of storage.

Advanced compression and de-duplication of changed data blocks are applied on the client-side prior to encryption and secure transmission.

Customers can select the desired folders to be backed up, schedule the most suitable time, and set the appropriate retention schedule.

fes2 FilePlus Software Features

Global Block-Level Deduplication

Each file is broken down into many smaller ‘blocks’ then only the portion of the file that doesn’t already exist on our Servers is transmitted over the Internet. This means faster backups that consume less storage, bandwidth and time.

Hybrid Cloud Protection

Keep copies of your files Offsite on our Servers but you can also keep backups locally to provide the fastest restore times possible.

Incremental-Forever Backups

Traditional backups require a Full Backup followed by a number of Incremental or Differential backups – with FilePlus Cloud Backup even the incremental backups are full restore points. Our back-end system determines which blocks are required in any given restore so that you don’t have to worry about restoring Full Backups followed by all your incrementals.

Open File Protection

CDP without open file protection has only limited value. Besides supporting Microsoft VSS we also have one of the very few high performance Open File Drivers on the market. This means backing up files like Outlook PSTs are no problem at all.

Agentless Deployment

Backups that don’t require installing individual client software on each machine means greater scalability and efficiency for your clients.

Granular Scheduling

Set your backups for off-peak times or specific intervals of the day to lessen the load on your servers and bandwidth.

fes3 Microsoft Exchange ServersBacking up Exchange Servers – especially to the Cloud – can be a long, confusing process. Luckily we’ve made it much easier to protect your Exchange Servers. With so much Intellectual Property residing in email mailboxes these days it can be a disaster to lose even one important email.

Full EDB-level backups

We backup the entire EDB mailstore and perform incremental backups by saving the log files. When it comes time to backup the EDB again only the blocks of the EDB that have changed since the last backup need to be retransmitted thanks to our client-side deduplication. Extremely fast Exchange backups.

Mailbox-level backups

The selected mailboxes in the mailstore are converted to PSTs then backed up. This feature is especially helpful for recovering a mailbox item or attachment. Only the blocks of the PSTs that have changed since the last backup need to be retransmitted thanks to our client-side deduplication.

fes4 Microsoft SQL ServersIt’s important to keep the relational integrity intact during any database backup. This makes successfully backing up SQL servers – with their atypical data structure – more challenging.

Our simple, streamlined backups won’t interrupt your work flow as they’re performed HOT, negating the need to take your databases offline.


Since Fileplus automatically recognises new databases, you’ll save time by not having to add these databases to your backup later.

Differential backups

Experience faster backup and recovery times with differential backups. NETCorp Cloud Backup services also automatically rebuilds the differential generations during restoration to make restores even easier.