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Cloud Backup Solutions

NETCorp’s Cloud Backup Service provides the ideal solution for organizations concerned with data loss and regulatory requirements. This service will protect you from the potential disruption and long-term damage that lost data can cause and ensure business continuity by allowing quick recovery of lost files, documents, and critical data. Cloud Backup is ideal for protecting information distributed across LANs, desktops, and laptops.



Broad OS & Application Support Inherent Flexibility Reliable Cloud Storage
Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell, Mac OSX Server hardware agnostic Automated, unattended process
Message Level Restore — Exchange, GroupWise, Notes, Netware Uses compression, de-duplication, and backup of changes only to reduce network requirements and backup windows Minimal involvement of IT resources
Hot Database Backup Support — MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL Seamless solution for remote offices and laptops Pre-defined Service Level Agreements
VSS Support Service typically installed and operational in less than a day Data backups stored fully encrypted on enterprise-class storage in NETCorps approved Probax Data Centers
Integrates with VMWare, Hyper-V, eSXI, StorageCraft, Veeam